Premium Natural Stone

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Natural stone flooring is loved for its elegance, distinctive natural characteristics and hard-wearing properties. Each stone differs in texture, colour and composition even when they are derived from the same source. This is what lends them such a unique and distinctive product.
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Natural stones offer the perfect solution for nearly any type of space - both outdoors and indoors - including kitchen countertops, vanity tops, floors, patios, bathrooms, walkways, facades, wall cladding, fireplaces and garden landscaping.

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  1. Travertine Oyster Grey

    Travertine Oyster Grey

    $9495 ea
  2. Nordic Grey Honed Tile

    $11995 sqm
  3. Travertine Oyster Grey Bullnose Paver 30mm
  4. Oyster Grey French Pattern Pavers Set
    $12995 sqm
  5. Oyster Grey Pavers

    Oyster Grey Pavers

    $12995 sqm
  6. Natural Blend Bullnose Paver 30mm
    sample out of stock
    $4995 ea
  7. Natural Blend French Pattern Pavers Set
    sample out of stock
  8. Travertine Natural Blend Pavers Tumbled
    sample out of stock
  9. Nordic Grey Honed Tile

    Nordic Grey Honed Tile

    $13995 sqm
  10. Oyster Grey French Pattern Set Tile
    $9995 sqm
  11. Travertine Natural Blend French Pattern Set Tile
  12. Travertine Light Classic Honed Filled Tile
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