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Concept Oak Blackheath
Concept Oak Leura
Concept Oak Wentworth
Concept Oak Medlow
Concept Oak Esperance
Chalet Oak Cedar
Chalet Oak Marri
Chalet Coastal Blackbutt
Chalet Brushbox
Chalet Spotted Gum
Rectified White Gloss Tile
Cabin Oak Blonde 7mm
Cabin Oak Chocolate 7mm
Cabin Oak Natural 7mm
Cabin Oak Platinum 7mm
Costa Nova Onda Yellow Gloss Tile
Costa Nova Onda Terra Gloss Tile
Costa Nova Praia Beige Matt Tile
Costa Nova Praia Black Matt Tile
Costa Nova Praia Laurel Green Matt Tile
Microcosmi Calacatta Green Matt Tile
Microcosmi Calacatta Green Matt Tile
Microcosmi Granito Matt Tile
Microcosmi Irish Green Matt Tile
Microcosmi Irish Green Matt Tile
Whoosh White Gloss Tile
Whoosh Sage Gloss Tile
Whoosh Rosewater Gloss Tile
Whoosh Azurita Gloss Tile
Whoosh Black Gloss Tile
Norr 2.0 Gra Natural Tile
Norr 2.0 Melk Natural Tile
Norr 2.0 Farge Natural
Norr 2.0 Hav Natural Tile
Norr 2.0 Grus Natural Tile
Galleria  Orobico Aqua Shine Tile
Galleria Laurent Grey Nplus Tile
Galleria  Botanic Shine Tile
Galleria  Orobico Black Shine Tile
Galleria Windsor White Shine Tile
Kimberley Spotted Gum 5mm
Kimberley Black Butt Dark 5mm
Kimberley Black Butt Light 5mm
Kimberley Driftwood 5mm
Kimberley Storm 5mm
Papier Jardin Sp Tile
Papier Palm Sp Tile
Papier Nuages Sp Tile
Papier Aurora Sp Tile
Papier Encanto Sp Tile
Bali Batur In-out Tile
Bali Bangli Antracita In-out
Bali Jimbaran In-out Tile
Bali Muaya In-out Tile
Bali Nusa In-out Tile
Baseline Concrete Matt Tiles
Baseline Concrete Matt Tile
Baseline Ivory Matt Tile
Baseline Nero Matt Tile
Baseline Nero Matt Tile

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LUXURIOUS SIMPLICITY Elevate your space with the grandeur of the large-format design of our Ultraslim MK2 Calacatta Gold Tiles. Each tile spanning a magnificent 1200x2780mm. Perfectly engineered to cover walls both indoors and out, these tiles promise a seamless and upscale aesthetic. @hayleybuckley_1 when can we move in?

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When @tilebydesign_ uses three of our tiles to create this absolute dream bathroom. The curves, the gold accents, the marble mosaics... what a combo! πŸ˜πŸ’š If you would like us to send you the link to any of these beauties, pop a πŸ’š below and we will DM the links right away!

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Transforming Spaces with Subtle Touches. Swipe to see how @rhiannonsmyth masterfully restyles the same gorgeous ensuite, showcasing the power of minor changes! Each photo reveals a new mood, proving that a pop of colour, soft furnishings and a sprinkle of flowers can completely redefine a space. Witness the magic of reinvention, one detail at a time! Our White Whoosh tile is the perfect backdrop to this gorgeous space!

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Anyone else feeling seen? Wait until the end... πŸ™Š#spotifywrapped2023

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CRAZY over our Canyon series! πŸ€ͺ Recreating the distinct colours and characteristics of natural stones, the Canyon Stone series highlights weathered textures and tonal nuances found in geological formations. Effortlessly harmonise with fittings, finishes, and furnishings for breathtaking results.

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