community & sustainability


community & sustainability


As a large retailer we understand the important role we must play in taking care of the planet and its people.


Our company policies have been developed to complement our core values of relentless improvement, customer obsessed, respect, safe and teamwork. For many years we have also had our Whistle-Blower Protection Policy to promote a culture of compliance, honesty and ethical behaviour within National Tiles. We encourage staff to report any “wrong-doing” such as dishonest, illegal or inappropriate activities in good faith and in an environment free from retribution so that the Board and Senior Management can adequately investigate and manage risk and cultural issues within National Tiles.




National Tiles is extremely proud to partner with i=Change, and donate $1 from every sale. i=Change is a platform that enables us to turn every purchase into impact, and empower women and girls with 100% transparency. This means every time you buy from us, together we make a positive difference to someone's life.


We are committed to ensuring we comply with relevant legislation (Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth)), appropriate standards and reporting requirements, codes of practice and other guidance material and act in accordance with the expectations of our customers and the community, and we expect the same from our suppliers.

Maintaining a reputation for the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards in our dealings with our customers and other key stakeholders is critical for our ongoing success. Policies that support National Tiles day to day operations are designed to make sure all relevant universally recognised human rights are safeguarded. Our company policies have been