National Tiles Magazine Edition #8

National Tiles Magazine Edition #8

25 March 2024

Welcome to the eighth edition of National Tiles Magazine!


In this highly anticipated issue, we bring you a curated blend of articles covering new and time-honoured tile and flooring collections, emerging interior trends, and captivating industry and influencer stories.

Join us as we explore the intersection of tradition, luxury and innovation, where sustainable design seamlessly intertwines with high-end aesthetics.

We demonstrate that luxury no longer demands compromises on quality, aesthetics, or sustainability and has undergone a transformative shift where each individual now possesses a unique vision of what constitutes opulence.

On the trend front, you'll see tonnes of tones and textures evocative of stone and marble as they continue to dominate, as well as how homeowners and designers are bringing the outdoors inside to create a harmonious connection with nature. You'll also witness the re-emergence of the classic beauty of travertine among other warm-coloured stones.

In company news, our growth continues with our 42nd and 43rd stores in Newstead, Queensland and Artamon, New South Wales. We've also opened a massive new DC in Yatala, QLD and 2024 will see us open another similar-sized facility in Tarneit, Vic. Both DCs are fitted out with rooftop solar arrays, rainwater harvesting and reuse systems, and a 5-star Green Star rating on both sites.

Join us in celebrating the evolution of luxury and the endless possibilities that tile and timber flooring bring to your spaces. National Tiles Magazine is your passport to a world where style, sustainability, and quality converge seamlessly.