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Sealers & Cleaners

ile installation is the first step to a lasting décor of any space. For long term maintenance of grout and tiles of any material—natural stone, ceramic or porcelain—they have to be protected from dirt, oil-based stains, scratches and water. Therefore, we offer specially formulated tile sealers to prevent grout soiling, seal pours in grout, improve stain resistance, protect surfaces from wear patterns and retain the tile finish for years to come. In addition, to preserve the beauty of tiles, it is important to regularly and correctly clean the grout and tile surface. Therefore, we offer professional grade tile cleaners that have specially formulated bacteria-fighting substances that give far better result than daily sweeping and damp wiping or mopping. These cleaners are designed to easily remove grease, dirt and smudges, leaving tiles and grout looking like new every time.

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