Tiles for curvy walls

Tiles for curvy walls

14 September 2023

A winding room divider, a shapely snail shower, an architectural accent, a rounded fireplace, a beautifully sculpted bar, a bow-fronted island, or an elegant archway: wherever the curves sit in your home, these are the tiles to transform them into a real designer statement.


Capsule Shangri-la Jade


Add an extra layer of curvaceousness with our wonderfully round-tipped capsule-shaped mosaic tiles. In stunning natural shades of green marble our Capsule Shangri-la Jade mosaics will create an organic masterpiece that forms fabulously around wavy walls.


Bolzano Glass Pixels Calacatta


In tiny cubes of Italian marble-inspired mosaics our Bolzano Glass Pixels Calacatta tiles create micro-level magnificence. Their minuscule size makes it simple to form the mosaic sheets to shape, perfect for covering a curve or two.


Colosseum Blush


Thin matchstick mosaics in incredible shades of natural pink marble make our Colosseum Blush tiles a unique choice for interior design. Each matchstick is elegantly rounded for added dimension, while their thin shape makes installation easier over undulating surfaces.


Japanese Impression Mk 2 Jade Mosaic


These triple-stacked matchstick mosaics make the most of the stunning beauty of Japanese Raku. Intriguing intergalactic galaxies in shades of blue decorate each tile, producing an unusual effect ideal for dynamic spaces.


Pietra Grey Penny Round


A bounty of button-shaped tiles in deep grey marble, our Pietra Grey Penny Round mosaics are another fabulous choice for tiling pesky curves. Each tiny tile is unique, some plain, some lightly veined, and some with a heavy seam of white, creating a surface full of character and organic delight.


Fragmenti Cotto Corto 2 Mosaic


The wonderfully rich tones of terracotta in our Fragmenti Cotto Mosaic series offer up an air of Tuscany. In stacks of thin matchstick tiles, these mosaics can add the illusion of height or width depending on how they’re laid, and can work their way around a curve or two if the project so requires.