14 Tiles for Japandi Interiors

14 Tiles for Japandi Interiors

18 May 2023

Blending the cool minimalism of Scandinavian design with the effortlessly organic attitude of Japanese interiors, Japandi offers an aesthetic that is light, calming, and stunningly beautiful. Characterised by raw wood, soft stone, and natural finishes, Japandi brings out the best of neutral shades, mixing and matching material for a fresh, elegant space that warms and relaxes. If you’re into that sort of thing, here are 15 tiles to make your Japandi dreams a reality.


Whatever decorative style you’re into, now you can so get inspired with our tiling suggestions.


Mystone Travertino Navona

The creamy shades of classic travertine along with subtle banding in a generous 300 by 600mm format makes Mystone Travertine Navona a fabulous choice for chilled out Japandi style.


Arhus Paja

Choosing a cool-toned ashy wood-effect like our Arhus Paja plank tiles sets the tone for a gentle Japandi interior with texture, grain, and a wonderful array of woody straw tone.


Aria Sage

Although colours are rare in Japandi spaces, the gentle tones of light sage green are right at home amongst the stone, woods, and organic finishes of the style. The stretched metro shape of our Aria Sage tiles, and their subtle irregular texture, offers the perfect dose of peaceful elegance.


Elite Travertine Beige

Accented with peachy tones and pockets of varying shade, our 600 by 600mm Elite Travertine Beige porcelain tiles form the ideal base for a curated Japandi interior.


Marrakech Biscuit

Alongside natural stone and wood, lighter terracotta tones create the perfect calm contrast for Japandi style. Our Marrakech Biscuit tiles, in either 150 by 150mm or 50 by 150mm, offer a hint of warmth that works wonders with other natural neutrals.


Alpine Ivory Matt

Subtly and irregularly textured with strips of beige and fleck of white, our Alpine Ivory tiles offer minimalism with fine detail, a perfect floor for your Japandi home.


Como Latte Matt

Walking a fine line between pink and grey, our Como Latte ceramic tiles offer up imitation stone with heaps of Japandi charm.


Penny Round White

To mix it up between shades of beige, natural stone, and wood, the small circles of our Penny Round White mosaic tiles add a little dynamic design to a Japandi style space. Use as a backsplash alongside light terracotta or textured travertine, or paired with shades of sage for a stylish shower.


Burlington Stone Beige

Enjoy a warm peachy beige with a gently dappled texture in our 600 by 600mm Burlington Stone Beige porcelain tiles. Decorated with veins both dark and light, these highly realistic designs add a soft earthiness to any Japandi space.


Articwood Mocha

Although Japandi interiors are predominantly light, fresh, and full of whites and muted tones, there is still some space for slightly more intense wood such as our Articwood Mocha plank tiles. Offering contrast and warmth, these planks would work perfectly alongside a sisal rug or tatami mat.


Atlas Latte

The creamy white stone shades of our 450 by 450mm Atlas Latte ceramic tiles offer up the ideal sense of airy space for a Japandi home.


Glocal Perfect

For a slightly cooler Japandi style, our greyscale concrete-effect 600 by 600mm Global Perfect porcelain tiles could be just the ticket. Their textured surface and shade variation offer a slight industrial feel that can be worked into a Japandi home with furniture and styling.


Terreno Carved Calacatta

For fine detail that adds immediate sophistication and uniqueness to a space, look not further than our 120 by 120mm Terreno Carved Calacatta porcelain tiles. With structured ridges ‘carved’ into the surface of a grey-veined calacatta marble-effect, layers of Japandi appropriate decor is added.


Rubix White Mosaic

Add a little extra decor without distracting from the Japandi aesthetic with our Rubix White Mosaic tiles. Patterns of diamonds in a hexagonal layout add a little angular detail to contrast against the organic forms and textures of a Japandi space.