Unique style: Freckled walls

Unique style: Freckled walls

8 August 2023

Wish there was a simple way to elevate your space and create a unique atmosphere? Look no further than freckled walls. Dappled, spotty, and unusual, freckled walls add a touch of texture and visual intrigue to interiors, perfect for adding richness, depth, and fun to design. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.


Elegante Terrazzo Uluru


Mixing specks of caramel and dark chocolatey chips on a creamy base, our authentic Italian-made Elegante Terrazzo Uluru tiles offer up warmth, richness, and textural treats in their thick 18mm form.

Penny Round Ming Green


An alternative take on freckled design, our Penny Round Ming Green mosaic tiles are made from naturally-occurring pale green marble, organically varying in shade, veining, and appearance, and crafted into delicate circles.

Castello Ice


Subtle, elegant freckling features on our soft, neutral Castello Ice tiles. Mimicking the random placement of pale grey and off-white marble chips, these terrazzo-effect tiles offer gentle variety and hints of detail.

Bellevue Graphite In-Out


For something a little more dark and interesting, our Bellevue Graphite In-Out tiles offer up a look inspired by the grey slate Burlington Stone, complete with faint veining and a surface that varies in many smoky shades from coal to ash.


Dolce Vita Amalfi Rosa


Opt for a little colour on your freckled wall with our Dolce Vita Amalfi Rosa tiles. A joyful pink hue decorated with grey and white chips create this light-hearted take on terrazzo. The mini white speckles work to mute the rosy tone so you can include colour without it being overpowering.