Tiles of the Costa Nova

Tiles of the Costa Nova

28 June 2023

Bring the beaches of the Portuguese Costa Nova into your home with our incredible new collection fresh from Portugal itself.


In 15 distinct colours, including classic neutrals Grey, Black, White, and Beige, seaside shades Straw, Terra, Aloe, Naval, Yellow, Baby Blue, Banyan, and Glacier, as well as new neutrals Pink, Tansy Green, and Laurel Green, these elegant elongated metro tiles make their mark.

Featuring both a gloss and matt variation, Costa Nova diversifies its decorative potential with two 3D decors - Onda and Praia. Onda’s curved surface emulates the rippling waves of the ocean, whilst Praia’s more angular design is created to emulate the roofs of the Costa Nova beach huts that skirt the shore.

This massive collection has huge potential for interior design creativity, with the colours suiting a seaside vibe and country chic as equally as modern minimalism or Scandinavian style. Measuring 50 by 200mm, these stretched metros are perfect for perspective play, whilst the varying surface reliefs and glazes allow for dynamic designs in unique combinations.