Introducing the new neutrals

Introducing the new neutrals

19 September 2023

Offering alternatives to classic whites, greys, beige, and even magnolia, the new neutrals of the 2020s give a little more. In true neutral style they sit perfectly in the background and don’t make too much noise, allowing a more vibrant or curated colour story to sing. But these new neutrals simply add a little more fun, and can be used to curate more character in your interior space.



Soft shades of pink have a surprising ability to add both warmth and airiness to a space, laying the foundations for characterful design. Peachy, rosy, or ultra-light dusty pinks each have a place amongst the neutrals and can be especially effective when used alongside deeply pigmented contrast colours and saturated shades. Equally, if your preference is for chilled out design with muted tones, a few light pink touches will keep the calm whilst adding just enough delight.

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Greens of all kinds have become extremely popular throughout the home, and alongside our love for houseplants, all sorts of greens could be regarded as a neutral. But the one that fits best amongst the greys, greiges, and creams is sage. Soft, light, and ranging from almost olive to touching turquoise, sage greens can fade into the background just as well as white. Working wonders with nature-inspired colours such as terracotta or chocolate brown, as well as dramatic mustard and aubergine tones, sage green is perfect for adding richness, relaxation, and freshness.

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Skirting both orange and brown and found naturally in both wood and stone, caramel makes the new neutral list by adding depth to an otherwise subdued neutral palette. Deliciously inviting, cosy, and warm, caramel makes a marvellous neutral, especially in homes that are filled with lighter shades. Being an earth-tone, caramel suits similar colours such as ochre and clay but is equally at home alongside playful pinks, teal, or tangerine.

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