Colour is timeless!

Colour is timeless!

9 June 2023

There are plenty of timeless tiles that’ll keep you loving your home for decades of trend cycles, but you don’t have to stick with white or natural stone to create a space with a lasting look. Despite how it may seem, colour could be the key to timeless design.


Although neutrals seem an obviously timeless choice, the trend cycle often includes neutrals that are ‘of the minute’ whether they be magnolia, beige, grey, or greige. An overuse of these neutrals can date an interior - take the cool grey influencer interiors of the late 2010s or the beige children’s bedrooms of the 2020s for example - but for colour these same rules don’t apply.


Some colours, such as Victorian bottle green and 2010s millennial pink, are very much of their time, but that doesn’t mean interiors that utilise these colours are immediately dated. You could have a highly modern minimalist kitchen with a bottle green worktop, or a vintage living room with a millennial pink fireplace. Combining eras of colour is much like combining eras of furniture, curation is key.


Providing balance to a space, colour ensures rooms don’t feel drab, but instead are alive and full of spirit. Introduce a focal point, such as a bright orange dining table or purple sofa, or create pockets of colour that vary in shade and intensity. Let your personality do the talking and find the shades that suit you.


Colour sparks joy. Whether you’re into bold sunny yellows, playful pinks, ocean blues, or olive greens, colour's most important asset is its ability to make us smile. An interior that makes us happy is much less likely to feel tired and uninspiring after a few years. Mixing and matching with alternative shades and contrasting colours can easily breathe new life into a colourful interior, bringing out new sides to its personality and a new aesthetic to enjoy.