Always wanted a chic utility?

Always wanted a chic utility?

12 July 2023

Our guide to choosing tiles for a laundry room


A utility space is an incredible addition to any home, providing a space for laundry and serving as a boot room, pantry, pet washing station, or extra bathroom. Whether your utility is spacious or small, full of natural light, or tucked away, there are plenty of ways to create a chic space. If you have one at home and are planning a revamp or looking to include one in a kitchen remodel, we have some neat and practical ideas for you.


The perfect base for a changing space


They’re timeless, clean, and go with pretty much anything, a white subway tile is a classic and versatile choice for a utility room. Spice it up with contrasting colours for the grout or on the walls, or by selecting a bright and bold wallpaper. Or you can keep it simple with calming neutrals. Even if you have some fun with your favourite aesthetic or push the boundaries with an out-there design, a white subway tile is always a winner.


Saddle up a Black Beauty


Why not make your utility dark and exciting with some moody, black tiling. Create a matching counter, add sleek lines in white, design a space full of joy with bold florals, or choose to go a little more earthy with dark grey slate.


Bathing in the French Riviera


Add delight to your daily chores by designing a space that lets you step onto the shore of the Med. Choose a set of patterned pavers or pale-toned limestone and travertine to add comfort, calm, and a subtle sense of luxury to your utility.


Tap into timeless luxury


If you’re into sleek luxury that only gets better with time, look no further than marble for your utility. Whether you want something traditional, white, dramatic, dark, or unique and colourful, our marble-effect tiles can deliver just the look you seek.


Cocoon in the comfort and charm of country life


Are you more into the modern country vibes? Choose tiles that work well with wood cabinets and rustic charm. Sage green, cream, mocha, and delicate shades of blue are ideal for creating a comforting country-style utility.


A colourful hole in the wall


If you’re short on square footage, a cupboard can work well as a utility. The small, enclosed space is perfect for letting creativity run wild, so don’t be afraid to make a statement. Choose playful mosaics to contrast with or complement the space .. and have a bit of fun.