delivery guidelines b 2 c


Delivery Guidelines B2C


The following guidelines are provided to all freight providers and B2C customers for all deliveries.


Freight providers and B2C customers must adhere to these guidelines to ensure that our high level of service continues to our customers. These requirements play a pivotal role in maximising our customer satisfaction.


The following guidelines are required for all B2C customers deliveries:

    • Phone Call prior to delivery
      • - Driver must call site contact prior to delivery if requested on the manifest.
      • - Where the time frame requested is not possible, all efforts must be made to complete the delivery.
    • Site Access
      • - Delivery location must be unlocked and open at the time of delivery.
      • - All sites will have clear access at least 2.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high leading from the cross over to the delivery location, if a site does not have clear access, or is excessively boggy or steep, the site contact listed on the paperwork and the National Tiles freight co-ordinator must be contacted before rejecting the delivery.
      • - Unless consent is provided by the site contact, drivers must not drive over new or established grass or concrete poured in the last 7 days.
      • - The Carrier is not responsible for moving building products, site bins, toilets etc.
    • Temporary Fencing / Stilt Fences / Scaffold
      • - Delivery drivers are not to dismantle, modify or remove any temporary fencing apart from opening and closing the front gates to access the property.
      • - Silt fences are not to be moved during a delivery, if a stilt fence prevents the ability to safely complete the delivery, the delivery will be returned to National Tiles and redelivery charges will apply.
      • - Delivery drivers are not to dismantle, modify or remove any scaffold.
    • Placement of Product
      • - All pallets must be left in the location requested by the site contact.
      • - Pallets must not be pushed along the garage floor or driveway.
      • - There must be sufficient space in the delivery location to complete delivery.
      • - Pallets must not be double stacked.
    • Mud on Roads
      • - The delivery driver is to remove chunks of mud left on the road, footpath and crossover. It is the customers responsibility to provide clean and clear access into the site.
      • - Is it not the driver’s responsibility to clean up mud left from other trades or delivery drivers.
    • Unsuccessful deliveries
      • - The site contact must be contacted immediately if any delivery cannot be completed. In the event the site contact does not answer, a voice mail message must be left detailing the problem and advising the tiles will be returned to National Tiles.
      • - Any delivery that is unsuccessful for any reason must be communicated back to the National Tiles freight co-ordinator immediately, photos of the reason the delivery was unsuccessful must be sent to National Tiles ASAP. This will be forwarded on to the appropriate order support person.
      • - All unsuccessful deliveries will incur redelivery charges.
    • Cancellation of delivery
      • - Please refer to DC contacts and cut offs for cancelation timeframes.
      • - Any changes or cancellations after this time will incur a redelivery charge.
    • Damage/errors
      • - Any damage that is believed to have been caused during the delivery must be reported to National Tiles within 48 hours of the delivery, no claims can be made after this time.
      • - Any breakages or shortages must be reported to National Tiles within 48 hours of the delivery, no claims can be made after this time.
    • Product Returns
      • - Returns are to be neatly stacked on a separate pallet to the original delivery, clearly labelled.
    • Delivery Information
      • - Each delivery docket provides the name and mobile number of the relevant site contact. If the driver experiences any difficulty in delivering the tiles by normal standards, both the site contact and the National Tiles freight co-ordinator must be contacted.
    • Delivery Photos
      • - Clear digital photos of the following are required for each delivery.
      • - Delivery sticker on the front of a pallet. (To identify the delivery)
      • - Any obvious damage to house prior to delivery.
      • - The pallets and trim from 2 sides, clearly showing all tiles delivered including samples pack and small products on top of pallet.
      • - The garage before and after delivery from the street.
      • - These photos will be uploaded to the hard drive at National Tiles at least once a week.

Please remember when delivering to site drivers are effectively representatives of National Tiles, therefore we expect at ALL times a professional attitude complimented by a neat appearance.

  • Correct Site Access
  • - Enough space in garage to stack pallets
  • - Good access to drive Moffett to garage
  • - Solid driveway to drive Moffett to garage
  • - No silt fence or scaffold blocking the delivery location
  • Incorrect Site Access
  • - No space in garage to stack pallets
  • - No access to drive Moffett to garage
  • - Garage door not installed