Walk Clay Lapparto  Tile

Walk Clay Lapparto Tile

600 x 1200mm

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Consisting of iridescent tessellated glass that glistens under light likes precious gems, the Antigua series will achieve breath taking results while also allowing for murals of different colour combinations and truly unique compositions.

Surface Finish - Lapparto: Lappato tiles are also known as semi-polished tiles and have a finish between matt and polished. The layer of the glaze used on these tiles is thinner than that of the full polished ones. Lappato tiles impart a glossy effect without the disadvantages of gloss/polished tiles. They are not as easily scratched, not as slippery as gloss/polished tiles and have no issues with optical hazing. Lappato tiles are ideal for use on bathroom floors, kitchen floors and laundry floors.

Material - Porcelain: Porcelain tiles go in sync with well-appointed furnishings of homes and offices because they offer unmatched variety of colours, shapes and sizes. A creative expression of your personality on your floors and walls, these fully vitrified porcelain tiles are highly durable with a longer life span. These tiles are also fireproof, rendering them the safest choice for homes and offices. That's not all. They are ideal for outdoor use such as places with high foot traffic and are the perfect solution for cold climates because of their frost-proof exterior. Their strength and non-porous nature make them highly resistant to staining. You can lay them by using an adhesive, grout and silicone sealant.

Edge - Rectified: Rectified tiles are mechanically trimmed during manufacturing, generally with a watered diamond blade allowing for smaller grout joints. The smaller grout joints give a seamless look to the floor and are easier to clean. Rectified tiles are of the same size and have rounded edges. They look very straight and square. These tiles are ideal when thin, clean and precise grout lines are required.


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Product Specifications




600 x 1200mm







Surface Finish

Lapparto Tiles




Porcelain Tiles


Bathroom, Dining, Kitchen, Laundry, Living

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