Underfloor Heating

Bring simple, effortless luxury and comfort to your home with electric underfloor heating.

The concept of heating below the floor has been used for thousands of years. All the way back to the ancient Romans who pioneered underfloor heating in their villas, baths and public buildings. Today, new innovations have made underfloor heating affordable, enabling more of us to enjoy the feeling of Underfloor Heating in our homes.

An underfloor heating system provides an energy efficient, on demand heating system as well as interior design flexibility and improves comfort and space for everyone.

Suitable for almost all floor coverings including tiles, stone, vinyl and engineered timber as well as suitable carpets and some solid woods, Underfloor Heating is one of the most adaptable forms of heating as well as the most comfortable. We recommend to always check with the flooring manufacture to ensure your chosen finish is suitable and to see if there are any recommendations around the max running temperatures and heat up times


The benefits of underfloor heating

Traditional heating methods such as reverse cycle or ducted gas distributes heat unevenly throughout the room. Whilst with an electric underfloor heating system the entire floor becomes your heating system providing a comfortable, even temperature throughout the room. Say goodbye to hot heads & cold feet!


note: Lifetime Warranty applies to Vario and Thermonet kits only under normal use and maintenance. Thermostats come with a three year warranty.


Cheaper than a cup of coffee per day!

Many people assume that an electric underfloor heating system is going to be expensive to run. However, as your entire floor becomes your heating system, comfortable conditions are achieved at a lower ambient temperature and with the level of precise control and a tailored, zoned heating schedule, it is a very efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.


thermonet underfloor heating

Thermonet Underfloor Heating is a market leading matting system that is made in Germany and features a Lifetime Cable Warranty.

The Thermonet matting system provides simple and fast installation. Fully programmable thermostats allow you to set a personalised heating schedule. The matting also ensures an even and consistent cable spacing to ensure you experience a consistent temperature across the floors. The mesh is self-adhesive which allows it to stick directly to the substrate and keeps all the cable flat on the floor to minimise the risk of damage while the floor finish is being laid.

Kit items include: Thermonet 150W/m Mat, Programmable Thermostat (5220A), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Fixing Tape, Cable Monitor (6025) & Installation Guide & Warranty Form.


vario loose wire underfloor heating kits

Vario is the traditional underfloor heating cable kit solution designed for installing in small, awkward areas. Vario cable kits include the most advanced electric underfloor heating cable available and our unique patented fixing strip, which is designed to speed up installation and save time on site. The Vario loose wire underfloor heating cable is available in a kit which includes all the items (except insulation) that you will require for installation of your underfloor heating.

Kit items include: Vario Heating Cable, Programmable Thermostat (5220A), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Cable Monitor (6025), Cloth Tape, Patented Premeasured Fixing Strip, Installation Guide & Warranty Forms.

programmable thermostat

Each Underfloor Heating Kit includes a fully programmable thermostat. This allows you to set up your own personalised heating schedule based on your lifestyle and have the heating operating exactly when you desire. There is a three year warranty on the thermostat.