Understanding Porcelain Tiles

Wherever there’s water, porcelain tiles excel.

Being denser than ceramic and much less porous than other tiles, they are perfect for humid and wet areas like bathrooms, terraces or kitchens. They are also a great choice in cooler climates and generally porcelain tiles will work in any space throughout the home. Porcelain tiles are also durable and will look fantastic even when exposed to light commercial traffic.

Porcelain tiles are made using very fine, high quality materials with high silica content, pressed at high pressure and then fired at high temperatures. Porcelain tiles are easy to work with, being cut after they are manufactured to ensure they are exactly the intended shape, enabling any DIY tiler to lay them. As a tip we recommend a minimum grout line of 1.5mm on the wall and 3mm on the floor, which complies with Australian tiling standards.*

Choose your style and texture - glazed or unglazed, with gloss, matt or textured finishes. In most cases National Tiles offers all finishes for every porcelain tile range. The unglazed porcelain range also comes with further options: polished, full bodied or double loaded.

* Information is given as a guide only. If you need further advice, you should seek professional advice based on your own circumstances.