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Large tile panels are all the rage these days for both wall and floor, making for inimitable chic designs.
Large format panels are available in various materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and more. Owing to advancement in technology, porcelain tiles are now available in various looks such as concrete, wood, metal, natural stone and even fabric that are being sought after for interior designs.
For Key Features and Application Recommendation, read more below.
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Key Features:
• Large format tiles are available in numerous visuals, textures, colours, sizes and finishes.
• Designers prefer large format panels for interior design as they give an illusion of open space.
• As there is less visual interruption and fewer grout lines, they lend a clean and sleek look and impart a high-end feel to any space.
• These panels offer thermal and sound insulation.
• These panels are durable, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, hard wearing and waterproof that makes for easy maintenance.

Application Recommendation:
• Designers usually employ ceramic panel in residential spaces with high traffic such as bathrooms and kitchens to create feature walls with a three-dimensional effect.
• They install porcelain panel in commercial spaces such as lobbies to create seamless look that renders a grand feel.

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Stone Look

Achieve the look of full bodied stone without the expense.

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