Royal Azul Tile

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Royal Azul Tile

100 x 300mm

Subways with a surprise. Featuring nine intense colours with a high gloss, wavy surface, the Royal series is perfect for high impact walls and features.

Surface Finish - Gloss: Gloss tiles are glazed and have a reflective/mirror shine. The gloss finish gives a high impact, glamorous look. They can scratch easier than matt tiles and used more on walls and low traffic floor areas. Gloss tiles tend to have 0 slip rating.  

Material - Ceramic: Thin slab made from clays and/or other inorganic materials. Ceramic tiles are less dense and more porous than porcelain. The water absorption is higher than porcelain.  

Edge - Pressed: Pressed tiles are made using standard pressing and firing process in a mould. This means the size of the tiles can vary slightly and allowance needs to be made for this when laying. A larger grout joint is required when laying tiles but this means installation is faster and cheaper. They also hide imperfections in the substrate where a perfect rectified tile may highlight these. Due to the easier manufacturing method, pressed tiles are also generally cheaper to buy and this is reflecting in the RRP price.  

$54.95 per sqm

Was $7995 / sqm

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$79.95 per sqm
$54.95 per sqm





100 x 300mm






Pressed Edge




Ceramic Tiles

Surface Finish

Gloss Tiles


Bathroom, Dining, Kitchen, Laundry, Living



Slip Rating

Not Applicable

Pendulum Rating

Not Applicable