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Quality Guarantee Terms & Conditions


National Tiles Co Pty Ltd (National Tiles) offer a Lifetime Warranty on its full range of floor and wall tiles against manufacturing defects and to remain an integral part of the wall and/or flooring system. This Lifetime Warranty is available for invoices dated from 1st September 2022 under the following terms and conditions:


A. This Lifetime Warranty covers product cracking, surface delamination, fading, warping, expansion and contraction.

B. Applicable products only – Excludes Natural Stone and fabricated special pieces such as bullnoses, niches and stair treads.

C. Domestic Use only – This Warranty only applies where the product is used for normal domestic applications, it excludes commercial developments and commercial applications.

D. Non-Transferrable – This Warranty is non-transferrable. Therefore, the Warranty will expire should the purchaser dispose of the property in which the tiles have been installed. To avoid doubt all, subsequent purchasers acquire the product “as is”.

E. Obvious Defects prior to installation – If tiles provided by National Tiles have an obvious defect, or the wrong tiles, or batch of tiles have been provided, which should have been noticed prior to the installation of the tiles, then National Tiles will be under no obligations under this Warranty.

F. Suitable installation – To qualify for the Lifetime Warranty, all tiles must be installed to Australian Standards. The warranty covers the tiles only and does not cover installation, installation materials or waterproofing. For warranties relating to installation materials refer to relevant suppliers individual warranty.

G. Non-valid defects – This Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by structural movement, normal wear and tear, damage or defects caused by incorrect installation, lack of proper maintenance, accidents, abuse or misuse. National Tiles reserves the right to determine if the fault is a non-valid defect. This warranty also excludes slip resistance due to the fact that cleaning and maintenance schedules have been known to affect the surface of tiles over time. If your application requires superior slip resistance, please consult us regarding special High Performance Glaze products.

H. Spare Tiles – Customers must retain the lesser of 10% of the entire tiled area, or 3 boxes of tiles for the purpose of rectification. This is to ensure that should individual tiles display a fault; they may be replaced without the need to replace the entire area.

I. Limited to the defective product only.

To make a claim under the Lifetime Warranty, the purchaser must:


1. Provide satisfactory evidence of defects in the tiles purchased.

2. Provide the original proof of purchase (tax invoice).

3. Provide proof of identity showing current address.

4. All claims must be in writing and submitted within 14 days of discovery of any defects and can be lodged via our website on the contact us page.


Valid claims shall be dealt with by National Tiles at its complete discretion by any of the following:


- Replacement of same or equivalent product;

- Repair or re-finish of existing product;

- Cash settlement; or,

- Combination of the above.


Please note, where the Lifetime Warranty does not apply due to the above terms and conditions, National Tiles will continue to honour all relevant Statutory Guarantee requirements.