If These Walls Could Talk



It's the whole idea of knocking this down that doesn't sit right with us. And I think it's because of the sentimental value! - Bec


From the day I was born I've been here. So to see it just get bulldozed by a machine, I don't think we could do that. - George


We're here in Avondale Heights. All the houses round here are solid masonry, brickwork. And when it comes to George's old man's house, it's no exception! This is George's family home. He's lived here his whole life until he met the love of his life, Bec. Bec and George want to take the family home and turn it into two high-end, bespoke townhouses.


Now, I'm a bit nervous, because when you look at an adaptive reuse or the transformation of a heritage home, you normally have these beautiful industrial features or old sandstone walls or really old brick work that you can draw upon in your inspiration. Here we've got a '70s suburban home and we got to pull some beauty out of that to really make the architecture sing. - Sam from S.Group