31 Jan 2016

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016


Every year designers and decorators wait with bated breath to find out the Pantone colour of the year. For the first time ever, Pantone have named the blending of two shades. Serenity (pale blue) and Rose Quartz (light pink) are the colours of 2016! This pastel pair have already got fashion and interior designers jumping on on the bandwagon, and we have compiled a simple guide for you to embrace these tranquil tones within your home.

Two is better than one

Together Rose Quartz and Serenity  create a balance between warm and cool tones, while reflecting a soothing sense of peace and wellness. This colour combo challenges the traditional perceptions of colour association, with a unilateral approach to colour trends. These shades are also appealing in all textural finishes, from matte to metallic and glossy and can be accentuated with shades of greens and purples or browns and yellows. You can also add in splashes of silver or bold brights for a little extra impact!

Pick your palette 

Depending on your decor tastes, you will be drawn to either the warm or cool hue. If you’re feeling bold you can embrace the trend with painted feature walls in your main living spaces. These feature walls can be subtly accentuated with the contrasting pantone shade in the form of cushions, light fixtures, floral arrangements or wall art. 

These colour combinations can also be embraced through themed tablecloths, glassware, ceramics and patterned fabrics. When used together, these colours create a magical sunset ambiance - perfect for living spaces that induce relaxation like lounge rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.