12 Nov 2014

Large Format Tiles

National Tiles is currently seeing a growing interest from buyers in large format tiles for walls and floors.

Tiles in sizes such as 600x600mm, 800x800mm and 500x1000mm were once uncommon or didn’t exist at all; this has changed radically in recent years thanks to improvements in the technology of tile manufacturing. The exciting design possibilities presented by large format tiles has also seen an increase in the variety of styles available in order to meet growing demand.

There are some great reasons to consider large format tiles for your next project:

  • They’re beautifully simple. A current trend in bathrooms and kitchens is for tiles which appear as a single expanse on the surface, with few breaks, so that a flowing effect is sustained. Minimal grout cleaning is also a bonus.
  • They make rooms look bigger. Large format tiles are perfect for creating a feeling of space in a small room. Laying large tiles on both a bathroom floor and wall means fewer grout lines, which reduces the visual clutter. You might prefer the same tile on both wall and floor, or you can create a contrast with large square tiles on the floor and rectangular 300 x 600mm tiles on the walls. Depending on the direction laid, the rectangles will appear to either lengthen or heighten the room.
  • They’re versatile. We’ve talked about large format tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, but these tiles come in a range of finishes and colours that suit a variety of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Examples include hallways, dining rooms, patios and other outdoor entertaining areas.
  • They’re a tile of the future. Large format tiles are becoming increasingly popular in apartments and commercial spaces. If you’re designing a space and you want your tiles to stay looking contemporary in the long-term, large format tiles are a smart choice.

Make a big statement - ask a National Tiles commercial representative about our growing range of large format tiles.