Tackle your DIY Tiling Project with our Team Behind You

Whether you plan to call in a professional or embark on a DIY tiling project, we can help. We are here to offer advice and instruction to ensure the job is completed to the highest possible standards. If you are planning on doing DIY, we are here to help with the right tools and accessories. We make it simple to get the look you desire without the expense.

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National Tiles has created a guide to help you start with your tiling DIY process. But remember that the most important thing about DIY tiling is to take your time. It can be very rewarding if you take the time, relax and don’t rush. Feel free to contact us at any point in your project and we will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Steps 1-4
The first and some of the most important elements in the DIY process is preparation.
Step 5
Setting out & Patterns
There are four common ways to lay tiles, diamond lay, herringbone, brickbond and stacked or straight lay.
Step 6
Where possible National Tiles recommends starting by tiling the floor working in sections.
Step 7
Cutting & Corners
When you are cutting tiles, it helps to have the right tools.
Step 8
Lay the bottom row of wall tiles first, and then work your way up the wall, one row at a time.
Step 9
Feature Tiles
Feature tiles are a great way to add style and colour to any space
Steps 10-12
Finishing Up
Now it is time to grout the tiles into place, waterproof and clean the surfaces.
Steps 13-16
Constructing & Tiling a Shower
Tiling a shower is just the same as tiling anywhere else except you need an additional cut in the floor tiles to make sure you follow the fall of the floor.
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Information is given as a guide only. If you need further advice, you should seek professional advice based on your own circumstances.