21 Aug 2019

What even is white!?

Meet Gaz and Bec from beautiful Bonbeach in south-east Melbourne. They're transforming their three bedroom weatherboard cottage into their dream home. Like all renovators, Gaz and Bec have learnt a thing or two through their renovating experience.


Here's some tips from Gaz and Bec on selecting tiles you'll love.



Let's talk white tiles.... Oh. Um. Gee!


Who knew how many different shades, sizes and finishes there could be.

Here's a few tips we've learnt over the last few weeks selecting tiles for our new #merndareno




Its so hard to see what one will look like, especially with the tile we have picked as it comes in a mixture of shades. My recommendation would be to buy a whole bunch of samples (5 for free at National Tiles!) and lay them out against your other tiles and elements. This can help give you a complete picture.



Gloss vs. Matt

Matt is the fash atm…. But you can use the finish of your tiles to alter the way your space looks. In small spaces/spaces with low light, gloss will reflect the light, make the space look bigger and open up the room. Apparently, gloss are easier to clean as well!



What even is white?

Ultra white, off white or white…. Always check the tile against your other tiles to confirm it’s the right white you pictured.




What would we do without it?! Once you’ve selected your tile, search Pinterest to see completed projects with the same or similar tiles to confirm it’s the look you are going for.



We had an image of rustic/coastal (?) in mind and we have decided to go with Zellige White tiles from National Tiles. They look handmade and have a rustic touch to them. We can’t wait to show you the final product.



Catch up with Bec and Gary's renovation journey on their Instagram account, @merndareno.


Tiles featured in flatlay: