08 Feb 2019

The X Factor - A Word From Procurement

We import over 2700 containers and three million metres of tiles annually. Our procurement team visits international design shows, flooring expos, manufacturing plants and quarries; bringing back the latest ideas and products to provide breathtaking tile solutions to Australia’s lifestyle industries.
When sourcing new ranges of tiles and flooring, we’re definitely on the look-out for the X factor. Those products with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that are sure to impress and inspire our customers to create amazing spaces. Our latest offerings are some of our best yet! 
Read about a few of our latest ranges below.
Stunningly luxurious and irresistibly tactile, the Cava series faithfully recreates Borghini marble in a durable porcelain tile. Gold, grey and honey-hued veins streak through a smooth white base to create striking surfaces while a matching geometric decorator provokes movement and drama. Available in four sizes with satin and polished finishes, Cava will create breathtaking, palatial interiors. 
Focussing on two traditional elements - terracotta and timber, the Elemento series boasts warm and chalky wooden tones softly contrasted against burnt earthen hues with a demi-gloss patina. Available in seven colours developed to compliment each other when mixed and matched, Elemento features the tactile idiosyncrasies of timber grain and pottery for a timeless yet contemporary appearance. Composed of colour body porcelain, Elemento is suitable for both floors and walls and lends itself perfectly to a multitude of lay patterns and colour combinations.
Bursting with surprise, the Pandora wall tile series features a patchwork of hand-sketched monochromatic motifs depicting botanic, tribal and geometric designs. This unique series also boasts a mixed surface finish that accentuates each motif with a matt/gloss contrast and slight metallic sheen.
For a touch of Twenties glamour, explore the Gatsby wall tile series. Evoking the Jazz Age and Art Deco, the Gatsby series boasts a bold geometric motif with a metallic finish. Ideal for feature walls in any space, Gatsby will achieve dazzling results.
Replicating traditional linear stacked stone, the Ontario wall series boasts the raw textural look that is so sought after. Featuring four varied, organic colourways that make it easy to coordinate fixtures and furnishings, Ontario will create warm, luxurious interiors with the beauty of internal stone cladding minus the maintenance. Ideal for feature walls, columns and fireplaces, the Ontario series will also break up to monotony of plain walls and add character to any space.
Rustic and rugged, the Spanish Muralla series focusses on the raw beauty of natural stone walls, reproducing in porcelain the organic lines of different sized stones set at irregular courses. Available in four colours including bianco, gris, ocre and arena, this Spanish made series is suitable for use both inside and will create spaces that recollect the stone cottages and fieldstone walls of the past.
Made in Spain, the Vancouver series is a collection a dynamic, architectural wall tiles designed for contemporary spaces. An interlocking three-dimensional design creates a rattan-like texture and emphasises shadow and light for visually intriguing feature walls. Made up of five colourways with two looks - timber and cement, Vancouver will create visually exciting interiors with an appealing touch of texture.