29 Mar 2018

SUBWAYS always

NT16-8109WL; NT16-8112WL
Subway tiles
When the New York City Subway opened in 1904, its first commuters would have noticed the fresh white walls lined with small rectangular tiles. 
Appropriately named Subway Tiles, they have since evolved into one of the most enduring and popular design trends to feature in kitchens and bathrooms around the world. 
Developed by designers, George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge, the original subway tile aligned with Victorian-era obsessions about hygiene and germs. This was due to its easy-clean properties including its smooth surface and thin grout lines. 
Aesthetically, New York’s subway tiles were a hit! They lit up the cavernous platforms and walkways with their high gloss finish and crisp white colour. It didn’t take long before interior designers began using subways in cafes, bars, restaurants and homes.
Today, Subway tiles are still a perennial favourite. They’re timeless, affordable and offer a multitude of design options.
At National Tiles, we have an unmatched selection of subway Tiles, from the traditional to the creative to the ultra-contemporary! 
Traditional subway tiles are sized at roughly 75x150mm, however contemporary reimaginings embrace different widths and lengths as well as handmade looks and even three-dimensional subways!
Traditional subway tiles might seem passé in this day and age, but with some creativity, they can be made to look just as impressive as those that covered the station walls of yore.
Think about experimenting with lay patterns or explore harmony and contrast with your grout selection to boost the visual appeal of your space.
Variations on the original subway tile are also a popular choice. We have bevelled subways inspired by the Paris Metro along with reverse bevelled subways for a decorative twist. Both adding a completely new dimension to your walls and bouncing light around the space. 
Handmade and handmade-look subways are a trend we’ve been seeing gain popularity over the last six months. Explore our Crayon and Aria ranges for subtle pastel palettes, rippled surfaces and perfect imperfections. 
For bleeding-edge modernity discover our Three-dimensional subways. Including sculptural pieces that create depth & contrast, our 3D subways are the ideal wall covering to make a bold design statement.
The humble subway tile has come a long way since its inception in the early 1900s. With updated shapes, textures, colours and finishes, the design possibilities of subway tiles are only limited by the imagination.
By Bart Schofield