07 Dec 2017

Mosaic Magic

Honeycomb Mosaic
10mm Penny Round
Pretty much always on trend, mosaic tiles have been a part of interior design and decor for centuries. Invented by the Sumerians and refined by the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the ancient art of mosaic has evolved to become one of the most popular, versatile and downright stylish tiling options there is. 
The diversity of colours, sizes, finishes, shapes and materials that contemporary mosaics are available in has vastly broadened the design possibilities they afford. Along with their visual appeal, the benefits of mosaic tiles are myriad.
Typically used as decorative accents, mosaics are also great for completely covering walls and floors to maximise visual impact. Splashbacks are probably the most common area to use mosaics, bringing texture, pattern and colour to a room’s focal point and breaking up what would otherwise be another blank and expressionless surface. 
The versatility of mosaics makes them highly adaptable to expressions of individual style and taste. For sophistication and flair, check out our range of authentic marble mosaics. Featuring Carrara and Calacatta marbles with meandering swirls and stunning vein patterns, this mosaic collection showcases organic textures as well as geometric and traditional shapes for strong rhythmic patterns.
Our Teakwood stone mosaics boast the textural and tonal variations of sedimentary rock layers in warm and earthy colours. Available in various shapes and patterns, our Teakwood Stone mosaic range will achieve a contemporary appearance while complementing many colour palettes. If you’re after a little more drama, take a look at our Basalt mosaics. With varied shades of black formed by solidified lava, our Basalt Herringbone mosaic will add a moody and sophisticated touch to any interior.
For the retro-revivalist, our range of Penny Round and Honeycomb mosaics feature various sizes and finishes in a neutral colour palette. Additionally, our Stone and Marble mosaics range consists of 10 mm thick porcelain penny rounds that are ideal for floor placement, providing extra grip underfoot due to a greater frequency of grout lines. 
Along with ceramic, stone and porcelain mosaics, we also stock a range of paper faced glass mosaics from Sicis, Italy’s last remaining mosaic studio. The Antigua range consists of iridescent tesserae that glisten under light and allow for different colour combinations and truly unique compositions. 
Also available by special order from our Richmond, VIC and Fortitude Valley, QLD Design Centres are custom murals that include masterful recreations of seminal fine art works, intricate geometric and floral patterns and bespoke reproductions of almost any image you'd like.
By Bart Schofield