08 Feb 2017

Inspiration using Pantone's colour of the year

This year we see ‘Greenery’ as the Pantone colour for 2017. According to Pantone the colour, “evokes the first days of spring when nature’s green revive, restore and renew.” 
The inspiration behind the colour is nature and the way it revitalises itself. The same can also be said for how it makes you feel; green is the colour of growth and renewal and promotes relaxation. 
If 2017 is your year for bringing balance and harmony into your life why not introduce some green into your space. Although this year’s colour is more of a zesty lime green which may not be everyone’s cup of tea why not bring in elements of it in the form of a feature tile, decorative accents or wall paper?
If you wanted to add some vibrancy to your kitchen the colour would work perfectly as a green tiled splashback but if you’re not ready to go all out with green try introducing it in smaller doses through the use of cushions, throws or a stunning pot plant. 
Although plants have been on trend for a while now these natural beauties don’t show any signs of going out of fashion. In fact with this year’s colour being inspired by the outdoors, the more the better!
Because green works so well with other neutrals a botanical style wall paper could be another option for bringing the outdoors inside or make a bold statement by painting wooden floors green and pairing this with low sheen white walls to keep the look fresh.
Whether it’s used as an accent or serves as the foundation for your colour scheme this calming and equally vibrant hue can be used throughout the seasons.