28 Jun 2019

Terrazzo Eternal

What is it?
Terrazzo is a composite material either precast, poured in place or pressed as tiles. Terrazzo tiles are created using different types of materials like quartz, marble, glass, granite or other suitable material chips. These materials are poured with a binder that is chemical, cementitious or a mixture of both and then cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface to form a uniformly textured tile.

A short history
Dating back over 500 years, terrazzo floors were developed in Venice during the 15th Century. Italian for “terrace”, terrazzo was a low-cost alternative to marble floors with offcuts and leftovers being recycled and used in construction worker’s patio flooring.  
The post-war era saw the use of terrazzo flourish. Technical improvements in electrical grinding made it easier and faster to install while the Art Deco and Modernist architectural styles of the period harmonised perfectly with terrazzo. Terrazzo of this era can still be seen in landmarks like the Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, the Hoover Dam and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The 1970s saw Terrazzo re-emerge as a favourite of interior designers worldwide. The introduction of epoxy resins gave way to brighter and bolder colour palettes with an even more durable surface. 
Terrazzo made a huge comeback in 2017 and has been an ongoing trend since. With the new possibility of reproducing terrazzo in ceramic and porcelain, terrazzo designs have taken on a plethora of colour palettes, sizes and finishes. These new products, along with traditional terrazzo have massively increased the scope of design options.
Terrazzo at National Tiles
At National Tiles, we have a diverse selection of authentic terrazzo along with terrazzo-look porcelain tiles. Featuring sublime depth, texture and contrast, our terrazzo designs and colourways range from the traditional to the contemporary. 
Our Elegante series consists of five authentic terrazzo designs boasting specks of real marble that come to life under lights. Made in Italy to last a lifetime, Elegante Terrazzo is a strikingly beautiful series that will create timeless interiors.
Next up is the terrazzo-look, porcelain Castello series. Featuring four colourways in two sizes, plus a 100x300mm decorator tile, Castello lovingly replicates small specks of marble and stone with all the depth and contrast of the real thing.
Our cutting-edge, Dolce Vita series reimagines Venetian terrazzo and Victorian patterning by incorporating dazzling pastels and modernist design principles for visually striking interiors. Dolce Vita retains the splendour of classic terrazzo reproduced in porcelain.
Finally, our breathtaking I Cocci series. A new classic that was inspired by traditional flooring found in an early 20th Century villa. The porcelain I Cocci series emulates fragments, flecks and flakes of marble and other recycled materials bound by concrete. With four dusky base colours and matching decorative pieces, I Cocci will achieve truly unique results that will be the talking point of any project.
Key Features of Authentic Terrazzo:
• Terrazzo tiles are one of the most versatile, cost effective and durable tiling options available in the industry.
• Terrazzo tiles are eco-friendly as there are no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in them as most of them are made from recycled stone chips and offcuts.
• Terrazzo tiles are extremely durable and have the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. 
• Once sealed properly, terrazzo tiles are resistant to bacteria, stains and water damage. 
• They require low maintenance as you can clean them with just warm water and soap.
• In case the surface gets damaged over the years due to general wear and tear, they can be polished and re-finished to look like new again.