15 Aug 2016

How To Tile a Bathroom and Kitchen

Modernising your home can sometimes seem a daunting task that would consumes significant amounts of time and money; but DIY tiling should not be feared! Everyone can successfully tile their own home with the right instructions and correct tools. Let us walk you through on how you can tile your bathroom and kitchen in 8 easy steps and update the heart of your home, and even add value to your property.

What you’ll need:

1.      Adhesive

2.      Grouts

3.      Grout Sealer

4.      Tile Leveller

5.      Screed

6.      Waterproofing

7.      Adhesive Trowel

8.      Gauging Trowel

9.      Rubber Grout Float

10.      Tile Cutter

11.      Knee Pads

12.      Marking Pencils

13.      Sponge

14.      Box Level


How to tile:

Step 1: Clean the walls and the floors - You have to clean the walls and floors thoroughly. Make sure that there are no dust or any debris so your adhesive will fully stick to the surface.

Step 2: Now, we can screed on floor and let it dry.

Step 3: It is time to waterproof - a crucial step in tiling your bathroom. Make sure to cover all surfaces - the floors, walls, and joints. And always make it a point to apply it evenly and then let it dry.

Step 4: Mix your adhesive. First, pour in water then the adhesive. Mix this until the mixture’s consistency is like that of toothpaste.

Step 5: Strap in your kneepads and start applying adhesive onto the bathroom floor and place your tiles carefully one by one. Be sure to clean excess adhesive that may smudge onto the tiles before placing the next one.

Step 6: After letting the tiles on the floor dry, you can start tiling your walls. Measure your wall and measure the tiles you’ll be using. A pro tip would be to start tiling from the 2nd bottom row, and work your way upwards. You can leave the bottom row last as the bottom row usually is not leveled so you have to cut some of your tiles here.

Step 7: It’s grouting time! Mix it with water but remember that only a small amount is needed. Now, apply the grout mixture along the tile lines. Wipe off excess grout as you spread it.

Step 8: Lastly, apply grout sealer with a sponge. Let it dry. And voila, your tiling job is done.

Follow these essential steps and tips outlined above carefully and you would be good to go. If this is your first time to tile on your own and you still lack confidence after reading this article feel free to browse more content in our blog or website. You can also contact us directly or go to our stores and our professional tilers will be glad to help!