22 Aug 2018

Playing With Patterns

Many of our previous renovations have been flip houses so when we were tiling we kept the patterns fairly simple so that they appeal to a wide range of buyers. But when you’re designing a forever home, you’ve got license to be more creative in tile choices and how you lay them. At the end of the day you’ve got to love them because you’ve got to live with them.

When our Creative Director, Bonnie had chosen a house load of National Tiles’ tiles for her dream home, she set about briefing the tilers on how they were all to be laid. You can turn a room from drab to fab depending on the way you lay the tiles and in her forever home there was no way Bonnie was going to be conservative in her choices.
Bonnie loves the herringbone pattern as a gorgeous way to accentuate a plain rectangular tile. For her laundry walls, Bonnie chose the Crayon Pesca Gloss tile in subtle apricot colour and laid them in a herringbone pattern. The choice to lay them like this, rather than the stretcher bond pattern we often see for Subway tiles, adds so much detail and interest to this over-sized laundry.
The tiles on the laundry room floor are also herringbone but mosaics this time. The Carrara Marble White tiles are laid in sheets so there’s no fuss for your tiler to create the perfect herringbone pattern with tiny tiles.
The stunning Cotto Glamour Rombo feature wall tiles in the powder room are diamond shaped and could have been laid in a number of ways. Bonnie chose to create a herringbone pattern with these tiles too, for maximum detail and impact on the wall.
Bonnie’s laundry isn’t your average utility room, there’s even a dog tub to bath her prized pooches in here! The tub is laid in a straight lay, the most basic pattern, but Bonnie’s choice of the Pitrizza Visone tile in two complementary colours makes this feature look anything but ordinary.
The shower in the main bathroom is also tiled in this straight (sometimes called stack bond) pattern, but you’d never guess. Bonnie chose to mix up the Crayon Bianco Matt and Crayon Azzurro Gloss tiles to create a feature that is anything but boring.
Curved Mosaics
Bonnie immediately fell in love with the pillar of Carrara Marble White Diamond tiles in National Tile’s Richmond showroom and knew they’d be perfect to wrap right around the shower in her ensuite, ceiling included.
The vision for her main bathroom was inspired by an underground train station and the Carrara White Penny Rounds were perfect for covering the huge curved ceiling, walls and floor.
Basket Weave
Bonnie’s boys’ ensuite was the first time she’d used the basket weave lay pattern – and we love how it’s turned out. The Masia Navy Blue Gloss tiles make a standout feature wall and ceiling in the shower.
- - -
Bonnie’s best tile pattern advice - get creative! Even if you’re on a tight budget, the simplest of tiles can create a standout feature, if laid well.