16 Oct 2018

Pattern Perfect

Keeping up with the emerging decorative tile trend, National Tiles is releasing a range of heritage inspired encaustic-look tiles that offer a timeless graphic appeal with tactile tones and perfect patterning.

Featuring an assortment of floral and geometric motifs, all with delicate desaturated hues, the Revival series is spurred by tradition but with updated colour ways to suit contemporary palettes. 
Most frequently found adorning the floors of ecclesiastical buildings, period home hallways and public arcades, encaustic and encaustic-look tiles are finding their way into contemporary interiors.
A distinctive characteristic of Medieval, Gothic Revival and Victorian interior design styles, traditional encaustic tiles are not printed. Instead, their distinctive patterning is created from different coloured clays or cement with a colourless base underneath. 
The Revival series is a loving and precise replication of these. Developed in tandem with our global suppliers, Revival is made specifically for the Australian market, and at a price that is truly unbeatable! It is also colour-matched to our existing ranges of subways and wall tiles.
This exciting series boasts 9 different designs with a matt glazed finish - meaning there’s no need to seal them like traditional encaustics! The Revival series is suitable for floors and walls, is backed by our 10 year warranty and is exclusive to National Tiles. Best Quality. Guaranteed Unbeatable Prices.
Fun Fact: Encaustic is a misnomer, a name drawn from encaustic painting and enamelling that uses a type of lost wax technique. The Victorians thought the colours looked like enamel, so the name stuck!
By Bart Schofield