13 Feb 2017

Lay types for every space

Tile patterns can transform the atmosphere of a space. The common subway tile can alter a room just by the way it is laid. No longer are straight lay patterns the norm, although still widely used. By simply turning the tile to a 45 or 90 degree angle you can create a sophisticated herringbone pattern that can be laid in a v or z shape.
The herringbone lay pattern works perfectly in bathrooms as the shape created by the pattern often enhances the space. Not just limited to the indoors this versatile pattern can also be used outdoors using any rectangular external tile. 
Brick shaped tiles are commonly laid in a horizontal brick bond pattern and are ideal for kitchen splashbacks but this simple style can look just as affective in portrait or diagonal and can transform a classic tile into a statement piece.
Any lay type can be accentuated depending on the colour, size and texture of the tile you use. Just by choosing a grout colour that is contrasting to that of the tile, a simple pattern can be transformed into a contemporary design statement.
Don’t forget your floors. Elongated plank shaped tiles can be laid in lots of different ways. For example in larger spaces a herringbone or diagonal pattern can create a striking look.
Be creative; don’t just discount what seems like a simple tile. There are many styles that can be created or updated just by thinking outside the box.