25 Jul 2019

Nick's Place X National Tiles: Flawless Flooring - Bec Douros

Flooring is one of the first considerations when designing your home and for some people like us, it may be the only flooring you use in every room so it has to be perfect! 

National tiles came to the party with the most beautiful engineered timber flooring and our dreams came true. We have used Aspen Oak Tan in a 14mm throughout both homes, in every space even some bathrooms!
It is designed to endure the hustle and bustle of modern life and busy families and is also ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.
“Timber flooring is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable underfoot. It is also a fantastic way to inject warmth throughout your home.”
When choosing your floor colour, you need to pick your favourite samples and bring them to the space they will be used to see how the colour reacts in the natural light. If you have a new build, you need to place your timber selection samples with the main material choices for the rest of the house and make sure the colour palette blends. 
For Nick’s Place, we loved the richness of the Aspen Oak, with its matt finish that has a non-reflective surface and low shine. It was the perfect earthy colour we knew we needed for our modern 70s brief and provided us with an amazing base to work in the rest of our colour choices. It has beautiful characteristics in the grain lines and a nice balance of warm and grey tones. 
We had two beautifully hand crafted stair cases custom made and stained to blend perfectly with our flooring and we are in love with the result. 
“When selecting all your internal finishes, start with your flooring as your base and build your material palette from there. Carry a sample of your flooring with you to ensure all your selections work together.”
Our main living/kitchen/dining areas in both houses each have a distinct look. Nick's home (House 2) has a green kitchen with the most amazing original brick feature wall that we painted white. The Aspen Oak flooring marries all these colours together and gives quite a masculine finish to this beautiful space. Using brown leather in our soft furnishings just added more layers to this space and worked so well with the floor its like a match made in heaven. 
Timber floors in the bedroom - very on trend! When you want to modernise any home, you can't go past timber floors, the elegance and refinement of using it in a bedroom space can’t be overlooked. Layered with rugs under the bed, which adds comfort when getting out of bed in the morning, means that you still get that sense of luxury and the added bonus of not spending your life vacuuming your carpets. 
“Timber feels beautiful underfoot and engineered boards also aid in the acoustics .”
Lastly and perhaps even more mind-blowing for some is the use of timber flooring in the bathroom. The results speak for themselves here. The Master walk-in robe leads beautifully into this master ensuite, if we had tiled this bathroom it would have cut these rooms in two but you can see how they are so well connected and it just flows and gives that hotel vibe. The grey rendered wall, white vanities with a timber shelf on the base give and brass tap ware add such a huge sense of warmth to this bathroom and dial up that holiday feeling. We have used tiles on the floor around the shower area, as these rare durable in a wet area. 
We love the clean lines in this space combined with the curves in the shower area - heaven! Timber floors can be used in multiple rooms, laundries included, and we just love the richness of the timber tones that flow through the entire home. 
“Timber in wet areas is possible, just be creative in the layout. To divide the timber and tiles introduce a decorative trim and tie it in to your tap ware finish. This high level of detail looks considered and well thought out.”