26 Jul 2019

Nick's Place X National Tiles: Creating Dreamy Kitchens and Laundries - Bec Douros

Kitchen bench tops have become a really huge design consideration.


They are not only functional elements of your kitchen layout but for many they serve as the entertaining area for friends and family. We believe your bench top can be fabulous and functional and that is exactly what this tiled bench top in House 1 represents for us. In Nick's original home, the kitchen bench top had a moss green tiles.


We decided without hesitation that this was a design feature that we had to incorporate that would be the perfect nod to the 70's while bringing the house into modern times. The Japanese mosaics were the perfect shape. The biggest question on most peoples lips when they see this is "that's beautiful but it would be impossible to keep clean".


Now this particular house was one that George and I were planning on moving into with the kids, so if anyone was thinking about practicality it was me, #lifewithboys.


It was a very durable surface, as it stood the test of time for 40 odd years in Nicks original place. But white? Yes it is possible! Not only can you seal the grout to prevent discolouration, you can opt for an epoxy grout which is like rubber and very easy to keep clean. Work together with your National Tiles consultant to find the right solution for your tile application. We have sealed all the grout lines, which means the bench is actually surprisingly easy to wipe clean at the end of a messy meal time.




You can't deny the beauty that lies in these finger tiles, they draw your eye immediately and you can't resist running your hand across them. Their size perfectly offsets the elegant legs of this island and using a bold dark navy for the cabinet underneath just makes these tiles pop even more.


We have seen a big swell in popularity in these finger tiles in recent years due to the abundance of inspiration online and we love seeing the many different ways they can be used. We don't consider it a trend that will die any time soon, these tiles are timeless and with so many variations in size or colour its easy to find your own unique way of showcasing them in your home.




Nobody likes doing laundry but when it looks as good as your kitchen you won't hesitate to spend time there! With our laundry areas for Nick's place, we used a similar formula that is tried and tested and we highly recommend. As we like to weave a story through our homes, we always consider every single space and that also means the laundry.


Why can't you have a bit of luxury when you are folding sheets? In both townhouses, we used these stunning matt square tiles from the Zellige collection as the splash back to great effect. This tile is absolutely stunning in real life, it has a gorgeous off-white colour and a raw finish which allows for a textured surface that is so dreamy. The Zellige tile is generous in size which brings depth to small spaces and its neutrality compliments the other features. We have paired this tile with the same stone we used in each kitchen to engage these spaces and added beautiful brass tap ware and handles to finish it off. We love how fresh these spaces feel but also that sense of luxury that everyone loves.


"Why not create a little bit of luxury while you sort out the sheets?"