04 Jul 2019

Moody Hues | 2019 Colour Trends

The dizzying spectrum of popular colours in the last few years has been enough to spin the colour wheel right off its axis. While previous years were all about modern neutrals, millennial pinks, blacks and metallics, this year’s colour trends tend to reflect a more thoughtful, life-style centred approach.  


So far this year, we’ve seen colour trends span a surprising rainbow of moods: from dusty, delicate pastels to rich and deeply saturated greens and blues. Even organic palettes inspired by timber and botanicals feature in the kaleidoscope of current colour trends. 



The chic and cheerful pastels we’ve been seeing a lot of this year include dusty blushes, sage greens and pale, misty blues.




The deep and dusky navy blues, forest and hunter greens that have emerged are perfect for creating a moodier and more contemplative look.



We’ve also seen a lot of warm and earthy colours coming out this year including timeless terracottas, tan and mid-tone timbers, olive and mushroom greys.