05 Sep 2017

Hampton's Coastal with Susanna T

If you love classic coastal or Hamptons style interiors, there’s an Instagram account that you should follow immediately.  Featuring elegant, light-filled spaces, curated to demonstrate only the most luscious and sophisticated examples of beach living, @coastalhamptonstyle is an inspiration bonanza and visual feast for interior addicts and design dilettantes. Account curator, Susanna T. from Palm Beach, QLD, has devoted herself to discovering and sharing coastal inspired spaces that scream luxury and class. We recently caught up with Susanna to chat about her passion for coastal style, where she finds creative inspiration and her predictions for future design trends.


What and who is @coastalhamptonstyle?

Basically, I’m a lover of everything to do with the home. I’m a lover of decorating and all things coastal. I’m a mum with two kids and just, you know, started an Instagram page mainly out of passion.


I wanted to create a page that featured the very best images of coastal and classic homes where people can find inspiration and not have to search fifty-million different sites to get what they want. If people are renovating or building, they can get all different ideas from my page. Also, it’s a page where you can feel free to ask questions about interior decorating and meet other like-minded people. You make friendships; you can ask questions and can get product tips.


How do you source your content?

There's loads of actual research that goes into it because I have to find out who the stylist is, who the builder is, who took the photo, etc. A lot of the time I will go and find an account on Instagram that I really like, whether it be from a designer or a builder and find my images from there.


How did you become interested in interior decorating?

I have to say it started at a young age. My mother used to take me to a lot of parties at other people’s homes and I remember when I walked in, I would always take in how the house was styled and what I liked most about it and I'd store it in my memory bank. I remember saying to myself "One day, I'm going to have a library just like this" or some other room. I'm a very visual person, so I would just remember things like that.



How would you describe your aesthetic?

My style is relaxed and timeless. I love bright and airy spaces. And having grown up in Italy in a little town by the sea, I've always loved anything that reminds me of the ocean, like coastal colours, blues and whites. I just love the open plan living style where the whole family gathers around and it isn't formal. There are no secluded spaces, like a designated dining area, more like one big area.



Did you have a creative upbringing?

I did. I was very well travelled. My dad was in the mining industry so we travelled a lot. I lived in five different countries before I was fifteen: Italy, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. So I had a very international outlook. It gave me the opportunity to experience other cultures and it was amazing. You can see the traditions reflected in their home decorating style. It was very eye-opening.


You’ve just completed a renovation, how did you begin? I.e. sketches, mood boards, etc..?

I had a clear a vision of what I wanted and I had a Pinterest mood board that was covered in images of white, airy spaces and lots of kitchens in blue and white. I had a mix of American style homes, like Hamptons houses and also Australian styles like Queenslanders and beachy houses - like an Australian take on the Hamptons.


We only bought the place in January. As soon as we moved in, I wanted to renovate the kitchen, remove the old 90s carpet that was throughout the house and put down some nice floor boards to get that beachy feel. The kitchen was my number one priority. We gutted and remodelled it in a sort of mix between country and coastal styles. I love the traditional feel of the country kitchen, but I wanted to bring in coastal colours like white and blue. That's where National Tiles came in because I was very particular about what I wanted in my kitchen in regard to tiles. It was not easy! I had to look everywhere for the right tile and then I came across the Crayon tile range; the beautiful pastel ones. I picked the Azzuro tile which is a very light baby blue coastal colour and of course the tile is made in Italy, so I had a connection. The perfect tile for me!


What were your top go-to resources for creative inspiration – i.e. magazines/books/websites you regularly visit for creative inspiration?

Ok so, Pinterest - basically because you can get so much inspiration from designers all over the world and you can search a specific style such as Hamptons houses and hundreds of images related to that will pop up. Also, Instagram has some very talented people and designers which you wouldn't otherwise come across in magazine and books. You get to follow people with similar styles to you and can share tips and ideas and gain a personal insight into real people's style and what their actual real homes look like. I do look at magazines and books, but my main source of inspiration is from Instagram and Pinterest.


In your opinion, which will be the top trends in interior design for 2018?

First off, I just want to say that the great thing about coastal or Hamptons style is that it never dates. It’s a style that has lasted the test of time and will continue to do so because of its classic colour schemes, it's never too crazy and out there.


I feel that 2018 will bring more earthy and organic materials such as rattan and bamboo. It will have a lot of handmade products with a story behind them and lots of earthy and neutral tones. I also see a lot of past trends such as the use of wallpaper coming in and also handmade tiles and tiles that are Italian, Spanish or Moroccan, definitely tiles that have character and colour.


By Bart Schofield