04 Jun 2019

Elegance & Marble



"Elegance and marble go hand-in-hand"


To give a contemporary edge to this scheme, we're using this beautiful black marble polished porcelain tile. This is our Renoir Noir 600x1200 tile.

So it's a large format. It gives you beautiful seamless look across the floors and the walls.
Teaming it back with some beautiful natural stone, this is our Basalt Shield mosaic.
For a pop of colour, I have our fantastic Japanese Impression Jade stick mosaic tiles.
I just absolutely love this colour, it really brings that outside in using that green that's so prevalent in nature and continues to be trendy for the next few years in interiors.
To soften this bold scheme, we're introducing some laminate flooring. This is our Residence Laminate range. 
Teaming back with the timber floor, just putting in some laminate cabinetry and a nice bold dark bench top.

Rachel Parker, National Tiles Design Team Leader.


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