16 Oct 2018

Ceramics of Italy

I Cocci Deco 1

Have you ever wondered what exactly the “Ceramics of Italy” trademark on some of our catalogues means? 

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a mark of geographical origin. But it’s more than that. It’s also a mark of guaranteed quality which is applied exclusively to tiles and ceramic products that follow mandatory regulations covering their manufacture, usage and characteristics. It “enshrines a set of values recognised the world over, including quality, transparency, leadership in design, innovation and environmental sustainability.” (Andrea Serri, Confindustria Ceramica)
Italy is known as a leader in fashion, architecture and design. It’s also a cradle of innovation in the ceramics industry, operating at the forefront of new ideas and design possibilities. The product portfolios from the Ceramics of Italy members are impressive to say the least, boasting some of the most cutting-edge, forward-thinking products available.
At National Tiles, we carry an extensive range of Ceramics of Italy certified tiles showcasing Italian expertise, style and design heritage. Along with this certification, all our Italian tile ranges are covered by our Premium Product Lifetime Guarantee.​
Our latest offerings, the Concreto and Fossil collections, are each ideal for creating an industrial/urban atmosphere or minimalist canvas with exquisite and understated idiosyncrasies.
The Conreto series is inspired by scuffed sidewalks and weathered cement and boasts a selection of mottled and dusky hues.
Or, take a look at the Fossil series which draws inspiration from the fossilised and timeworn seabed marked with subtle replications of ancient seashells.
By Bart Schofied