17 Jan 2020

Bathroom & Kitchen Trends for 2020

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Tuscan Cotto
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A new year is upon us which brings with it new design trends and forecasts for the year ahead. If you are looking for inspiration to renovate your bathroom or kitchen this New Year, then we have all your trends sorted. Bathrooms and Kitchens are a major part of the home, they are where we relax, unwind, cook, clean and spend time together. It is a big decision to renovate and you want to make sure you are getting it right the first time. Below we have rounded up our favourite trends of the New Year that we can see having longevity for years to come. 

Wave goodbye to sharp lines and square edges as we welcome softer lines and curvaceous edges. Curves can been seen not only in benchtops, cabinetry and tapware, but tiles as well. Try incorporating a penny round tile into your kitchen splashback or a feature wall in the bathroom. Use encaustic-look tiles with circular and curvy patterns to make a statement on your bathroom or laundry floor. We think the curve trend will be popular for years to come as it has a calming and more subtle effect than the sharp lines we have seen over the past ten years.  
Warm Terracotta
Terracotta was popular for years and years in the 90’s and early 2000’s and it is making a comeback! We aren’t referring to the bright orange square tiles with dark grey grout you remember and have tried to block from your memory. The terracotta we are seeing coming into trend this year is a softer more muted orange, with hints of coral and blush tones. Think naturally aged terracotta shades with a powdery accent used in outdoor spaces, wet area floors and cafes. Paired with lots of greenery and other natural elements, think of this as a sophisticated terracotta you can learn to love. 
Creating Sanctuaries
We all lead such busy lives and it is essential that our homes create an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world around us. A big trend we are seeing coming through in kitchens and bathrooms is creating zones for chilling out or spending time by yourself to unwind.  The study nook has been popular in kitchens for the past few years, by why not try a reading nook or an area to tend an indoor potted herb garden? Creating sanctuaries in the kitchen for someone to sit and relax while conversing with the cook is a great way to bond and relax at the same time. The bathroom is the perfect opportunity to create a sanctuary as it is the most private room in the house. Choose neutral toned tiles and finishes and add in plants, scented candles and some relaxing music to create the ultimate escape. 
Shades Of Colour
A trend we have seen popping up in forecasts left right and centre is using the same colours in a multitude of different shades within the same space. For example, you could use a dark grey floor tile, a medium grey wall tile, light grey cabinetry and gunmetal tapware in a bathroom. Using the same colour, but in a variety of different shades creates a calming effect due to the softness and simplicity of the design concept. You could try this using brighter colours as well in a kitchen for example, using a light sage green cabinetry colour and a darker green splashback tile. Pair an ombre colour effect with some subtle neutrals such as a warm white or soft grey to create an overall modern effect. We will be seeing less contrasting colours moving into 2020 as we opt for a softer and more subtle contrast in interiors.