National Tiles Magazine Edition #3

National Tiles Magazine Edition #3

20 July 2021

This introduction was written during the brief interlude before even more Australians were plunged into another series of long lockdowns. Let's hope this one ends as soon as possible. We'll see you on the other side.

Here we are again with edition three of National Tiles Magazine! It’s 2021 and after 18 months of lockdowns, border bans and curfews, it’s nearly time to stop hoarding the toilet roll and tuna and take a collective sigh of relief.

2020 taught us many lessons both professionally and personally. Through the months of missing loved-ones, work-mates and far-away friends we’ve learnt how to be more flexible, adaptable, innovative and resilient. We also figured out how to change the background to something funky on Zoom!

Emerging with a thirst to embrace post-pandemic possibilities and new approaches, it’s set to be another huge year for us at National Tiles. We are focused more than ever on empowering our customers to create stunning tile, stone and flooring installations. Our Sydney superstore has already launched, with another massive distribution centre so we’re always in stock! We’ve also made the jump across the Bass to join our Tassie mates in Hobart with a new store opened in early July.

Make sure to watch this space because there’s even bigger surprises ahead along with new adventures and greater achievements. We’ve been locked up for a year, don’t expect us to just sit still! In this edition you’ll read about our new and upcoming products, get insights and inspo from our team members, and see design projects, interviews and updates from our partners, collaborators and clients.