Norr 2.0: A magical melange of flecks and specks

Norr 2.0: A magical melange of flecks and specks

25 September 2023

Our new Norr 2.0 porcelain tiles offer powerful displays of rugged stone inspired by the timeless look of Ceppo di Gres; a highly sought-after material from the Lombardy region in Northern Italy that has been setting the interiors world on fire this year. Rich with texture, these tiles display varying concentrations of irregularly sized fragments, with options both coarse and fine. These flecks and specks make this an extremely versatile finish that can complement other ceramic tiles, powerful paint effects, wallpapers, tapestry, wood, and polished plaster - to name but a few.

Various colourways contrast the stony tones with delicate greys, smoky shades, charcoal, and even warm woody browns appearing. Pebbles, flecks, and rocks combine in a randomised scatter, creating a highly visual design that adds instant character and charm.


Available in both a Natural and a Structured finish, Norr 2.0 can be used both inside and out, as well as on either walls or floors. This makes the range ideal for spaces that require a seamless transition, for for inside-out design schemes. The organic tones pair well with countless colours, allowing them to suit existing interiors or evolving styles, adding an ageless quality and future-proof finish.

Norr 2.0 comes in both 600x1200mm, and 600x600mm, formats that can be mixed and matched for unique looks, or laid as a pair on walls or floors.