Add warmth to your home with these 10 tiles

Add warmth to your home with these 10 tiles

28 November 2023

Interior design trends have seen a shift away from cool neutrals to bold, playful dopamine decor, but for those who prefer to take the best from both worlds, warm colours remain the preferred pick. Offering comfort, calm, and a rich sense of homeliness, warm colours have the ability to enhance both your home and your mood, so here are 10 tiles to help you do just that.


Urban Atelier Papaia

Intense, fruity, and full of enticing shades, our Urban Atelier Papaia tiles will make your kitchen or bathroom backsplash sing, enveloping the space in fun and creating a unique atmosphere full of summertime joy.

urban atelier prange tile

Costa Nova Praia Terra

In three dimensions, our Costa Nova Praia Terra tiles offer authentic Mediterranean chic. With a rich, earthy orange in pointed ripples evoking images of beach huts and terracotta roofs, these tiles will immediately transform a space from cold and plain to warm and charming.

Terracotta Subway Tile

Concept Stone Sand

Blending the characteristics of natural stone and architectural concrete, our Concept Stone Sand tiles are decorated with an organic stippled effect in a calming beige. This pale neutral is welcome alongside any colour scheme, adding just the right amount of warmth for a cosy vibe.

Floor and wall tile

Fragmenti Cotto Corto 2

Our triple-stacked matchstick mosaics Fragmenti Cotto Corto 2 offer up traditional Tuscan terracotta in a modern design that is highly versatile and suitable for both walls and floor. Made from real terracotta, each matchstick is unique, varying in shade and texture, and creating an incredible feature wherever they are laid.

terracotta mosaic

Chicago Brick Wrigley

Want to blend an industrial interior style with cosy homeliness? Our Chicago Brick Wrigley tiles are just the ticket. Numerous faces offer an easy imitation of bare brick, with scattered shades of peach and brown adding interest and warmth.

Brick-look tile

Articwood Amber

Get your warmth from wood with our Articwood Amber wood-effect tiles. Their highly realistic knots and grains are delivered in a classic plank shade, allowing you to have cosy wood floors wherever you desire.

timber-look tile

Marrakech Tan White

Inspired by traditional Moroccan ceramics, our Marrakech Tan White tiles offer a stunning yet simple pattern, contrasting against the warm mediterranean tones of terracotta, perfect for adding both ornament and cosiness.

Moroccan tile

Dolce Vita Amalfi Beige

The speckled surface of our terrazzo-look Dolce Vita Amalfi Beige tiles adds subtle warmth and intriguing decor, wrapping a space in a cosy embrace and offering it a little je ne sais quoi.

terrazzo-look tile

Chic Travertine Mosaics

A patchwork of irregular tumble-edged travertine makes up our Chic Travertine Mosaic tiles. The soft peachy tones of natural travertine, along with the unusual mosaic layout, are the perfect choice for an eclectic home, or a minimalist space focused on detail.

travetine mosaic

Simplicity Mocha Natural

Simple, rich, and slightly chocolatey, our Simplicity Mocha Natural tiles are the ideal choice for spaces that require a practical surface solution with a little added warmth.

floor and wall tile